Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals
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Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals?

Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals Bidding options are very important for the branding of a business because this leads to how much the company has to spend in advertising your product. There are many bidding options where you can bid and get the best-suited advertiser focused on branding goals. In this discussion, we're going to discuss the bidding options which are available to advertise your product and try to examine what is the best branding option for you. So, let's start

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#1. eCPM

ECPM is considered one of the most imprint revenue metrics which every publisher needs to track. This is a method of calculating the earnings and revenue for every thousand ads impressions. To calculate eCPM you can go with this formula eCPM = Total Ad Earnings / Impressions x 1000. So, you just have to measure your ad's earnings and impressions and multiply them by 1000.

The higher the rate of eCPM will lead to the higher income the publisher gets. So, this can be your ideal budding option if profit maximization is your only goal. This bidding option will bring you higher traffic and be beneficial for branding.

Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPA
  • vCPM

#2. CPC

CPC leads to Cost per click. This is one of the most important metrics of Digital marketing. The concept of Cost per click is very simple. The advertiser will get paid when someone clicks on your ad. This is one of the most popular bidding options upon advertisers by pretty expensive for publishers.

The rate of cost per click is decided in the bid which the publishers will decide in the auction. The advertisers buy the ad and publish it on their websites and get paid when someone clicks on the ads.

#3. CPA

CPA leads to Cost per action is a very simple mechanism that allows the publishers to get paid after performing the specified actions from the publishers. This is an online advertising strategy where the publishers decide to pay the advertisers after the completion of a specified action. This is also an impressive bidding option for generating means of awareness but it is less effective for both an advertiser or publishers as compared to other bidding options.

#4. vCPM

vCPM leads to viewable cost per thousands of impressions. These bidding options are also very popular and considered as most beneficial for publishers. In this advertising option, you only have to pay when you provide impressions that are considered viewable. Under this bidding option, you’ll get a highly viewable audience and you only have to pay only for viewable ads. Not only this but the payment is also decided for every 1000 viewable impressions. This confirms the enhancement of the brand awareness of your product.


So, here we discussed all the types of bidding options that are most popular for branding and advertising, and we concluded that vCPM leads the market. For an eye of a publisher, everyone wants to pay only for viewable content and also tries to minimize the payment criteria. In vCPM publishers only have to pay per 1000 viewable impressions which are very helpful for branding and targeting the maximum audience. The other bidding options are good but in branding your product every publisher wants that their payment will be worth it. So, if you’re also finding your ideal bidding option you should go with vCPM.

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