Rohit Sharma


Hi, I’m Rohit Sharma, Founder, and CEO at Digital Rohit Marketing Agency 🏪

I’m a serial entrepreneur and marketing nerd in the direct response space 

My focus is on digital.📈

I have had a privilege over the years to work with small to medium-size businesses from different niches like Restaurants, cafes, healthcare, Fitness & Wellness & Politicians.🏭

I have generated 1000 leads through Facebook ads for my clients 

I enjoy marketing, problem-solving, and automation 

If you also want to AUTOMATE  your business and make a brand looking for smart and, hardworking people to hire. Please let me know.

I am ALWAYS open to new ventures 

Feel Free to reach out to me on 91+9971991210 Via WhatsApp📞

Social Media Marketing


Paid Ads


Web Design



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