How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India 2021
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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

Have you ever heard about affiliate marketing or ever tried to earn money online just by referring people to buying on any e-commerce websites, Amazon, and Flipkart? In case you are not aware of affiliate marketing So don’t worry, here we will discuss in brief how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Maybe you are surprised and you are curious to know how people are making money online consistently.

This is a decent simple method for earning money online which is known as “Affiliate Marketing”.

However, if you are completely new in Affiliate marketing and you want to know how to start affiliate marketing in India, we consider that you should understand a few basics before starting affiliate marketing, but firstly.. this is not any trick or hack, it is a well-organized system for marketing.

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So Let’s start to understand about Affiliate Marketing

In short, Affiliate marketing is the simple process to earn money by recommending any services or products to those audiences who are interested in them.

Quick guide: Here are a few things you should know and follow before:

  1. Which service or product you want to promote identify completely
  2. Join an affiliate program
  3. Create the unique link (which is also known as Affiliate link) that link can be tracked by you and the company by how many clicks got at the link, or conversions, sales, leads, received through your unique link.
  4. Recommend the interested people or promote them to buying a service or product.
  5. After a successful purchase, you receive a commission when someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link.

Top Websites Lists for Start Affiliate Marketing in India

Here are several websites that offer high conversion rates in India for affiliate marketing.

But Down below are the Top list we shared with you for making a good amount of money through affiliate marketing in India.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India 2021 by Digital Rohit

But Down below are the Top list we shared with you for making a good amount of money through affiliate marketing in India.

Down below the best list of Affiliate marketing websites in India, if you want to start affiliate marketing, you can join them, or these are “completely free to join”.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Flipkart Affiliate program
  3. eBay
  4. vCommission
  5. HostGator Affiliate program
  6. Admited
  7. Nearbuy affiliate
  8. Godaddy affiliate
  9. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program
  10. 10.Optimise
  11. Bigrock Affiliate
  12. 12.DGM India
  13. 13.Payoom
  14. 14.Komli
  15. 15.Rakuten

There are many ways available to Start Affiliate marketing in India but in this article, we are going to share with you the best way which is very beneficial for the long-term or organic way that helps you to make consistent passive income, so using this, you can start affiliate marketing in India if you are complete beginner,

Here is the Complete beginner Guide or Step-by-Step Process for start Affiliate Marketing in India:

Step 1: Identify the product category Service or Product you are deciding to promote

For identity “Visit the List” which is mentioned above,  after joining you will be able to see many various kinds of categories available, Select any topic/category which you want to promote or familiar with.

For choosing the best category we recommend you to choose the specific topic which is “easy to write” for the interested audience that makes your efforts easier or targeted. This is also known as a “Niche”.

However, after choosing your specific topic, go to the commission rates page to consider after successful purchasing through your specific link how much money you will earn.

Step 2: Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing

For following the Next Step, you need to create a website, as we discussed earlier, there are lots of ways to start affiliate marketing.

However, we choose this way because this is the most secure, or effective way to promote the affiliate link.

By your website, you can make consistent income, or for creating a website it doesn’t require many tools, features, or plugins. This is a very simple process or user-friendly process.



Step 3: Join an Affiliate Marketing Programs

This step is most essential if you are curious to know how to start affiliate marketing in India by signing up and choosing the right affiliate marketing programs and in our recommendation – select the one that is providing higher commissions for promoting their products.

But make sure before promoting read all the payment terms, or their policies, these things help you to make a better decision.

There are many affiliate program websites available that will ask for your website address or your banking details, and any other personal pieces of information, even they also asked how you will promote their products after approving if they will be satisfied with your answer so, they will approve your registration request.

Step 4: Choose the product that you decide to promote

In step 1, you selected a product category like Beauty & Apparel, Home Furnishing, Electronics, and many more.

Now, you have to choose the product,  if you already know which product you want to promote, so just search in the search box with your product name.

Besides this, if you don’t know which product you should promote or select, so in this case just imagine we select the amazon associate affiliate program, now you can go to the Amazon Best Sellers page to identify the Best-selling products category.

If you select a product like this, it will be lots easier to get people to purchase because the product already has high volume sales.

Step 5: Create content related to your Product

This is the last step, for promoting the products you have to create articles that are related to your products, and for creating content you can create any types of articles such as How to, Reviews, Comparisons, Discount Tutorials,  and many more. check website 

After creating the article you have to publish it on your website when your article will rank you will get lots of traffic and sales.


To conclude, how to start affiliate marketing in India is the best way to make money.

If you do it properly, it can make a good income source, by using affiliate marketing you can earn more money from it than any other work.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online. This business you can easily start from your home, the best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t have to manage your product or hustle, only you will get money by promoting someone else’s products.

There is doesn’t requirement for you to maintain stocks or set up stores and any responsibilities of packing, shipping, or delivering.

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