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Best Organic Social Media Marketing By Digital Rohit

Whenever you talk about social media reach, maybe firstly, the Facebook platform comes up in our mind in conversation.

This is so obvious because it is the first social media platform to come up while talking and decline organic reach on social media.

What about the Twitter and Linkedin social media Platforms reach?

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When you see everywhere, organic reach is plummeting. Nowadays, we are going to look back at what and why this is changing.

For small businesses, it is not always reasonable to pay for marketing on social media. For other types, this is not about balancing the organic or paid reaches.

Recently, I will help you to find that balance or potential to maximize on social media.

Why plummeted organic social media reaches? All about the money?

Before you can’t combat the organic fall reaches on the platforms such as Facebook, you have to know why this is happening. 

Overall, you can not fix this without understanding how this is broken.

Here’s the first thing, many people will tell you about Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook just wanting to earn money.

Well, yeah, they are a business. As we all understand, all businesses want to make money anyhow.

But this is not everything about making money. 

Also, Reddit user brain Cristiano once wrote an amazing post where Brian tells about the complex motivations which change at the backside.

While he addressed the main points about pushing Facebook it's own paid advertising, he can also explain that this change is more in line with the vision of Mark Zuckerberg for the platform. 

If I talk about the short version, he only wants to “engage with users” on the social media platform.

Facebook’s main purpose wants to show content users which are the most engaging or where drops everything else.

If you understand the News Feed of an algorithm, it will bring in the mind for another particular algorithm.

Best Organic Social Media Marketing By Digital Rohit
  • Best Ways for Increase your Organic Reach on Social Media

     Keep Focus & your efforts on the Right Places

    There are many businesses who will assume that they want everything presence from Facebook to Pinterest, but that is not important the case.

    Maybe you targeted an audience not on each social media platform, then why are you wasting your energy?

    Trying to choose which network you have to focus on is almost easier than you think.

    Here are many fast ways to help you to decide your best platform:

    Ask Simply

    A great way to get accurate information about your audience is to simply ask them.

    You can try to use a survey, put it in their email; also, you can provide your best customers instant call to look how it’s going.

    While you get attention, then you can ask them which is the best social platform to use for business and personal purposes.


    Watch your Share Counts

    If you have a blog website, then it’s a high chance you have a social share button.

    Most of the tools give the analytics that shows who shares your content or, more important, where they are shared.

    If you follow these numbers to figure out and which platforms to focus on.


    Look Your Competitors

    Lastly, you need to take a look at your competitors. Where are others in your industry posts? If you can not see them anywhere, maybe the odds are you do not have to be there.

When you create content for search engines like Google, this is the main reason you need to optimize all types of On-Page SEO tactics.

Also, it will turn out social media in a similar manner.

Each of the aspects in your social media profile can be tweaks for great visibility and optimizing.

If you want to be a Rockstar of social media, you need to know the ins or outs of these elements.

Always Post Engaging or Evergreen Content

Best Organic Social Media Marketing Always try to post evergreen content, and this thing is much easier said than done.

The typical post on social media, especially on giants like Facebook and Twitter, can have a wide or varied lifespan.

All these posts need more engagement, you may need to work in the dry or boring industries, but you can also look for a way to make your posts out of the competition despite the subject matter.


Focus on Smart work, Not Hard Work

Once Facebook said that the average user is subject to over 1,500 stories almost every day.

If you want to increase engagement, the news fees only display about 300 of these & those that are most relevant to the users.

With this knowledge in hand, we now understand that posting more is not a decent answer.

However, you need to focus on a high-quality post, relevant content.

In this case, this is literally quantity over quality.

Focus Target audience to grow Organic Potential

Best Organic Social Media Marketing This strategy will vary from platform to platform, but tweaks into the settings of your posts to target specific members of your audience can provide you boosts in organic potential.

If you want to try it on Facebook, then you can use:

  • Gender
  • Status
  • Relationship
  • Education Level
  • Location 
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Language
  • Post End Date


During Post Slow Hours

Here is a big misconception which is you should post when everybody is online, but that is just going to throw your content into the hurricane posts that people watch.

If you are waiting until non-peak hours for posts, you are less likely to get in all the noise.

Also, you can see the research data; these are basically the best times when you should post always:

  • Facebook - Thursday & Friday (Between 1om and 3 pm)
  • Twitter - Weekdays (between 12 pm to 6 pm)
  • Linkedin - Tuesday or Thursday (between 7 or 8 a, and in evening 5 pm or 6 pm)

This is obvious, and you need to look into data for your targeted audience in case this is possible for you.


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